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Valentines Day Swap #2

Round 15 swap from postcard cafe
Handmade by Rachelle

Valentines Day Swap

Round 15 from Postcard Cafe.

Flowers from the Netherlands

The Loop

A train with 85 of more boxcars will pass over itself going around the loop. The engineering feat which created the Southern Pacific Railroad Companie’s route through the Tehachapi Pass continues to fascinate tourists and railroad buffs by the hundreds each year.

Hard Rock Cafe – Houston

This photo was taken by the sender of the ceiling of the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston, above the bar.  This card is awesome because I love Hard Rock Cafes (I collect the teddy bears from the cities I have visited) but have not (yet) visited the one in Houston!

Warsaw – New Town

The Old Town was almost 90 per cent destroyed during World War II. During the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 it became a centre of resistance. Its reconstruction lasted from 1949 to 1963

Peter The Great Bridge

Peter The Great Bridge
(Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge)

Porto Alegre

Brasil Tuistico
Usina do Gasometro. Construida em 1928, foi transformada num importante centro cultural na decada de 1980
(Built in 1928, was transformed into an important cultural center in the 1980s)

Flat Iron Building

The sender is from South Carolina, but sent this photo of the Flat Iron Building which is in New York City.
I also ask postcrossing users to write what their favorite concert was and this sender wrote about being in St Paul’s Cathedral in London when a priest began to play on the pipe organ.  I’ve been wanting to visit London lately – and this story made me want to go all the more.  I am sure that must have sounded beautiful!


Dolphins from Finland!
The sender also included a sticker of a snowflake, which in Finnish is Lumihiutale