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Special Saturday – Stamps

Some cool vintage US stamps I got on a card recently.  I also love how they were not postmarked at the postoffice, instead someone just crossed over them with a pen?
I’ve been trying to do some research on the stamps
The Humane Society one is from April 1966 and was designed by Norman Todhunter 
Robert Fulton was issued in 1965, as noted by the date on the stamp
The Virgin Mary Christmas Stamp is from 1966
I can’t find anything about the Circus Stamp of the United States Postal Service stamp, I assume they are also from the 60s?  If you know anything – leave a comment!

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station 1934
So iconic is the profile of Battersea Power Station’s four chimneys that it is hard to imagine that there were originally just two.  The first phase of the development, Station A, opened in 1933, but it wasn’t until 1953 that Station B, on the western side, was complete.  Architect Sir Giles Gibert Scott’s other work included another modern classic on a considerably smaller scale: the red telephone box.
This power station is also featured in Hanson’s music video for “Where’s The Love”!

Blue Australia

Atlanta, GA

I picked these cards up for myself on a layover in Atlanta, GA on my way to Oklahoma City.


Turner Field during the 2000 All Star Game
Giant Pandas
On August 30th Lun Lun gave birth to her second cub, the only giant panda born in the US in 2008, a male named Xi Lan (pronounced shee lahn) which means “Atlanta’s Joy”.  The tiny arrival is a sumbol of hope to Zoo Atlanta for the future of this endangered species.
The cimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is a monkey-like ape with no tail or facial hair. People find chimpanzees fascinating to watch, as they closely resemble humans and have the ability to develop lifelong relationships, as well as use facial expressions, vocalization and body language.

A fun postcard

This card comes from a restaurant in London
the back reads
Dear Leon,
_ I would recommend you to a friend
_ I would not recommend you to a friend
love from,
P.S. If you love food as much as we do then join our club. Fill in our club card and journey with us. x x
The card could them be left in post boxes in the restaurant to leave your comments.  Cute!


Artist: Kaj Stenvall
It Doesn’t Look Good, 2008

Generic New England Postcard

Another card I picked up for myself, at the General Store in Old Mystic Village in Mystic, CT.

If you can’t read the back, it says:

Greetings from New England
Dear ___
Haven’t written because I  We
ran out of money — gambling at Foxwoods
go bombed on iced tea in Westerly
had an affair with a dolphin in Mystic
been in jail in Niantic
been cruising off Block Island
had a meaningful relationship at Misquamicut Beach
having a great time, glad you’re not here
the picture I wanted to send is not on the card
trapped “beach bunny” at Watch Hill
been chasing girls in Boston
been chasing boys in Providence
fell in love in New London
tried to hitch a ride on Atlantic Ave
being held captive in Norwich
been skipping dipping on Moonstone Beach
been looking for the “beef” in Narragansett
went bankrupt at Mohegan Sun
Signed _________



New York City

Occasionally I get some cards for myself.  These usually end up in my scrapbook.  The end of October I went to New York City and these are the cards I picked out for myself

Postcard Cafe Trade

These are 3 cards I received from Kristina in a trade on postcardcafe

Buffalo or North American Bison
These huge animals which once roamed the western plains by the millions became almost extinct. However, today with preservation and management these magnificent animals can be found in abundance in our State and National Parks and some privately owned herds. Badlands/Black Hills, South Dakota
Butte, Montana
The mining town of Butte, Montana, once called “the richest hill in the world”, circa 1912
Cuidad de Panama, PANAMA
Ruinas fe la cuidad vieja, Catedral
Ruins of the old city, Cathedral