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Temple Street
South Capital of Russia?
Art of Nature
Card from a book of a dutch author for children
Raley Field, Sacremento, California
Aerial view looking over the new Raley Field and into Old Sacramento. This state of the art ball park is home to the Sacramento Rivercats of the Pacific Coast League


Wang Wang & Funi
South Australia
Krkonose Risengebirge Giant Mountains
Letecky pohled na Krkonose od vychodu. V popredi Snezka 1602 m n.m., dale Studnicni a Lucni hora, Bila louka s Lucni boudou, kary Maleho a Velkeho stavu a snimek uzaira Kotel s Labskym dolem
(Aerial view of the Giant Mountains from the east. In the foreground Snezka 1602m, Dale Studnicni mountain and meadow, white meadow with mountain tops, diamonds, big and small state and the image uzaira Boiler with Elbe Mine)
Letter Writing Day
July 23
Crown Point in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon
Standing 710 feet above the mighty Columbia River, the Vista House at Crown Point is one of the premier attractions in Oregon. from the steps of this historic wayside one can look far up the Columbia Gorge and down to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA


Navy Pier
The 3000 foot long Navy Pier serves as one of Chicago’s great entertainment and cultural centers. The Pier features shopping, dining and a convention center and a 150 foot tall Ferris wheel that offers breathtaking views of the city
LYON (Rhone) Ville Lumiere
City Light
Greetings from Olsztyn
Giant Panda Mother and Baby
Orca sightings are most frequent between May and October when transient pods join those that reside in Puget Sound year-round.


Dmitry Aleksandrovich Kustanovich
Seen from the Tibidabo in a fog day
Representation of the enlightened mind. Each of the stupas olto Khadro Ling represents an event in the life of Buddha, as mascimento, illumination and Moreto


 The City at night
Swanston Street
Flinders Street Station
Melbourne Australia
 Photo taken by the friend of a sender
 Mount Hood
Mount Hood is one of the major volcanoes of the Cascade Range.  Geologists have shown that it has erupted repeatedly over the past hundred of thousands of years most recently just before the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.  Scientists and nearby citizens wait in awe and fear for its next reuption, which will likely alter the face of the land severely.
 Happy Birthday card from Finland
The aguaro cactus, found in the deserts of Arizona, can weigh approximately 100 pounds per foot. This cactus weighed 10,000 pounds.

Special Saturday

I don’t intend to post on here over the weekend, but felt inclined to post something special for Saturday.  This postcard took a bit of an extra journey.

This postcard was supposed to come to me in CT from China via postcrossing. However, it showed up in an envelope with a note.

Katie, This card found the way to my mailbox in New Hope, PA. I am sending it to the address on the card in hopes that it will find the person it was intended for (perhaps the post office will do better this time). As I plan to travel to China during the last part of June, I was captivated by the stamps; particularly the Chinese Sturgeon. It looks very formidable in the picture, but is unfortunately an endangered species with small numbers left in the Yangtze River.  Michael 


Postcard Set 8

From USA
“I Think Of You” (German)
From Belarus
The century village of St. Jacobs features a charming combination of art, specialty shopping and historic sites, along with Mennonite influence

Postcard Set 7

Anisetta Evangelisti
Ivan Shishkin
State Tretyakow Gallery. Moscow
From Finland
Norman Rockwell
The Referee (“The Toss”) 1950
October 21, 1950
Lower Manhattan Skyline with the Brooklyn Bridge spanning over the FDR Drive that runs around Manhattan

Postcard Set 6

Another beautiful sunset in Georgia keeps everlasting memories on your mind.
The 630-foot Gateway Arch has become the symbol for this city, built on the banks of the MIssissippi River since it was completed on October 28, 1969
from China

Postcard Set 6

April 13 Kissing Day
Canova Beach
Melbourne, FL
Photo taken by card sender
David Montford 1992
‘Teddy bears on a washing line’
York, York Minster
Women and Stilllife
Chi Mei Museum